True Colors

November 11, 2017


The so-called left want to lead us
from Panama to Paradise



October 17, 2017


Iceland aims to become a legal safe haven for journalists?

Stundin (is)

Reykjavik Media 


Technology Is Not Neutral

October 3, 2017



Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab

The more you use …….. the worse you feel


September 30, 2017


Do we have something in common?

78% have little or no trust in Althing in spite of the efforts of the  propaganda industry.

 Icelandic parliamentary election, 2017


September 21, 2017


14 weeks Summer holidays
6 weeks Elections prep.
4? weeks ‘new’ Coalition gov.
6 moths on full pay doing shit all.
In a civilised country one or  two ministers would resign, – No delays.
This is the same stock that ignores national referendums, – wonder why?
And in the unlikely case, this is How to Handle An Inquiry

Diagnosis of the Source of Money (DSM)

September 8, 2017


Yet another captured discipline?

The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?
… the creation of a $80 billion profit centre.

Resistance is futile!

August 26, 2017


Propaganda Terms in the Media and What They Mean
The Hidden Persuaders
… “custom-built men” guaranteed to have the right attitudes from the employer’s standpoint.
Science Of Persuasion

Thought Maybe
The Capitalist Religion

The Upside of Stress

August 20, 2017



Not So Good for the ‘stress’ Industry?

Corporate Science

August 20, 2017



Hidden privatisation of national resource? (pdf/is)

Rarely does the charismatic leader mention the fact that deCODE genetics is a subsidiary of Amgen, and that the local presence is just that.

WuXi PharmaTech Acquires NextCODE

Corporate Science Obstructs Science for the People

How Corporations Corrupt Science at the Public’s Expense (2012)

18 Ways To Spot A Narcissist

Adults in the Room

August 10, 2017