Serving whom?

May 15, 2017

Glenn Greenwald on Barrett Brown, Press Freedom & the Failings of the Corporate Media


Beyond Hypocrisy: Decoding the News in an Age of Propaganda


it’s a pageant

April 8, 2017



“I’m just sorry”

March 30, 2017


10-15 years and no end in sight.

We are still living in a two-tiered financial and justice system.

Politicians and business mogul’s steadfastly defend their lowing relationship.

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power” ~ Benito Mussolini


Acceptable Opinion

March 13, 2017


Those who have studied the sacred texts of the economic prophets are telling us to rejoice.

Our heroes have courageously slain the abomination of capital controls, – at only nominal cost, payable to the capital owners.

We will thus in near future be able to enjoy: freedom, growth, and public welfare not previously seen.

Bad Samaritans
The Selling of Free Enterprise
The Illusion of Choice
The Mask of Sanity 

J is for Junk Economics
Idiocracy (Are We There Yet?)

What’s up?

March 7, 2017

Real News

Social media or DIY Stasi

February 17, 2017


The Wealth of Networks and it’s Shadow.

Manufacturing Consent

January 11, 2017


Once more the “business community” has captured the day.
 “words and meaning have parted company”
“In the case of a word like DEMOCRACY, not only is there no agreed definition, but the attempt to make one is resisted from all sides.”  G.O.
Populism ?

The Extreme Centre: A Warning

November 26, 2016

Our own white knight (?)


UncleBob Expecting Professionalism

November 21, 2016


Code I’m Still Ashamed Of.

Without the Consent of the Governed

November 8, 2016



The most hated of enemies before elections will happily share the spoils.

Why real-world governments don’t…