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Auctioning of the Blowback?

August 31, 2015

“Multicultural Graveyard” by Khaled Barakeh
How many? Is this our last offer?

The Empire’s 5-year plan of “reconstruction” includes seven countries: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

Let’s send all the refugees to K Street (Washington, D.C.), – it might provide them with a “regime change” success affirmation.

Lockheed-Martin’s shares from 2000 to date are up 930%, – war really is a racket.

Some names for “it” : automaton, psychopath, father of lies, and of course reptilians.

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And The Waltz Goes On


Frontage material?

August 26, 2015


Proving a point (1%)

One can expect children/journalists to be illiterate. But an Official body on education?

How to Lie with Statistics

Another induced interpretation is the “Welfare queen” driving a Cadillac.
Not in the stats, – Sorry.


Our new health care system

August 16, 2015


Don’t get sick or broke.

One side to every story

August 3, 2015

Having never been able to afford independent foreign policy, it is amusing to see our MPs squirm – Bad, Bad Putin! – But wait he buys our fish.

The spectrum of acceptable opinion does not include the elephant in the room.

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