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Idiot no more

October 21, 2014

idiotShakespeare will have to be rewritten, “it is a tale Told by an idiot” ?

The political class, it’s voodoo doctrines and it’s voters, will hereafter be refereed to as mentally challenged.

By the way, in the district court, “breach of trust” appears to be perfectly legal in the upper half of our two-tiered justice system. ~ Banksters and their cohorts rejoice.

Edwin Sutherland: The 75th Anniversary of His Coining The Term White-Collar Crime

The vile maxim are now after everything from our health, food & education to the ISP’s. – It’s Not Trickledown But Gush-Up.

The police secretly arms with Glock 17 & old MP5’s.  – Thanks Norway, but we prefer the Christmas tree.

It is now confirmed, that, the police collects information about individual citizens on the basis of presumed political opinion. WAP – Surprise or not, police officers have always been appointed because of their affiliation to the Independence party.

Ministers Aid Demands Imprisonment of Journalists
Without ECHR Journalists would be in it.

In this asylum for imbeciles, political corruption, incompetence and anti-merit must be protected and nurses loving the peace arrested.

The Finish ambassador had it right when he prayed never having to return.

Divert, Deflect, Deny & Deceive.

“Pots and Pans revolution” – What? – Where?


Jon Gnarr for president. – Oligarchs for breakfast.


Thank you very much

October 14, 2014


Costliest Banking Crises Since 1970


And the filth is ready for apology, – from us -.

The top 1% account for ~ half of all assets in the world.

The Democracy Delusion

October 10, 2014

Roslyn Fuller

They are back, but did they ever leave?

October 3, 2014

6 AM (Arno Meltdown)

Ministers lie to the parliament and the people (with impunity), banksters excel at their waiting game, – the “new” constitution resides in a comity, –  and the D’s march on (Deflect, Delay, Deny, Discount, Deceive, Dulcify, Discredit..).

Buying information about tax-havens, proven to give 1000 fold return on investment, is being debated. – while the infrastructure crumbles

Almost daily, media owned by “special interests”,  make officials such as: The State Prosecutor, The Special Prosecutor, The Chief of Police, The Parliamentary Ombudsman, and The Competition Authority – suspect in some opaque way.

The Paris Declaration Against Corruption, – in the memory hole.