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Psychopath Night

April 27, 2014


Corporate Psychopaths: #1. Banker CEO, #2. Lawyer,  #3. Media. – Not surprised?

We have seen the Psychopathic Professions on parade leading up to, during, and after the collapse, some are even waiting for a show of remorse. – They may have to wait for ever.


Psychopath Night Channel 4


April 24, 2014


Internet Governance Principles


  • Freedom of expression
    Freedom of association
    Freedom of information and access to information

Culture and linguistic diversity

Unified and unfragmented space

Security, stability and resilience  of the  Internet

Open and distributed architecture

Enabling environment for innovation and creativity

Internet governance process principles

  • Multistakeholder
    Open, participative, consensus driven governance
    Inclusive and equitable
    Enabling meaningful participation
    Accessibility and low barriers

Open standards


Who Goes to Jail?

April 20, 2014

(1 of 2)
The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap

Катюша / Katyusha

April 15, 2014

Ray McGovern talks to Sophie Shevardnadze

Maybe poetry should be added to the  testosterone arsenal?


And Journalism?
Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens

Second Bill of Rights

April 10, 2014


“Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil. You have to eliminate it and replace it with something that is good for all people and that something is democracy.” ~ Michael Moore

In plutonomies the prestitude media provides: “superstars”, golf, soccer, and baseball players, music/TV and movie icons, fashion models, designers, celebrity chefs etc. as “content”, but issues are dropped down the memory hole.

FDR’s State of the Union address January 11, 1944
Citigroup Plutonomy Report, Part 1, Oct 16, 2005.
Citigroup Plutonomy Report, Part 2, March 5, 2006.
Capitalism: A Love Story
It is therefore, on opinion only…
Capitalism: A Ghost Story
Wages of Sin:
SIC Report on the background and causes of the collapse of the Icelandic banks in 2008
SIC Report on the activities of The Housing Financing Fund (HFF)
SIC Report on the background and causes of the difficulties and the collapse of the savings banks

The Deep State

April 8, 2014


Essay: Anatomy of the Deep State
Top Secret America
TPP Trade Officials Received Hefty Bonuses From Big Banks
TPP Environment Chapter Consolidated Text
Give and take in the EU-US trade deal? Sure. We give, the corporations take
All the Presidents’ Bankers
Staggering Hypocrisy
Two Days of Military Spending