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Shallow Democracy

November 25, 2013

Our Celtic ancestry is obviously more than just a joke a bout one letter.

However, could their “criminal class” so effortlessly “dis” a national referendum?

Costliest Banking Crises Since 1970 (pdf)


Waiting for Godot

November 21, 2013


Some are waiting for the grandest election promise in the known universe?

Dreamers say: The Issuing Power Should Be Taken From The Banks And Restored To The People!

The story passed through Frankfurt, London and New-York. But there have been no fake Nobel prices (from the Swedish central bank) relating to the endless possibilities

When will Godot ….?

The Lost Science of Money

Surrender … to Technology

November 2, 2013

In the light of the current scandals and deceitful claims about “information”, – are Postman’s questions still relevant?

What is the problem to which this technology is the solutions?

Whose problem is it?

… ?

Neil Postman

NSA Spying FAQ