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…they must live within a lie

June 21, 2013


Newly elected government has prioritized,  ~ repaying the 13 families who have declared ownership over our most valuable natural resource is legion.

Paying only half of what is customary in Production sharing agreements is to much for these reptiles.

” The most obvious device the business community has to influence politicians are direct financial contributions, both to political parties and individual politicians.

Ways must be found to draw a clear distinction between financial life and politics.

It is not acceptable that the current custodians of the public interest, serve private interest in a manner as was done in the running up to the banking crisis. ”

~ Special Investigation Commission (SIC) vol 8, p.164-170.

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David O. Friedrichs

June 19, 2013

Wall Street: Crime Never Sleeps

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June 9, 2013


What once was a conspiracy theory has now become common and universal.



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