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State Terrorism

May 31, 2010

Apartheid State. Pirate State. Rouge State. Terror State. How long are they to justify their own evil with their “Holy Cow”. – “Waves of revulsion as 19 die in Israeli attack on Gaza aid flotilla”. Endless UN Resolutions to no avail, – however US and Israel talk about the international community as being something more than the whole two of them. No wonder they don’t want nukes in Iran.

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Good riddance to “professional” politicians

May 26, 2010

It appears that the “traditional” and “vitally important” political parties and cohorts will be ousted from their comfort zone on Saturday 29th.

Before, in, and after the “meltdown” voters found their public servants somewhat lacking when it came to serving the public, and actually that they had reversed the roles, i.e. that the public should serve them and of course pay for the deliberate, callous and premeditated (reptilian) crimes committed by their sponsors.

It will be most gratifying to see politicians join the common people on the dole queue and thus share with the people what their “vitally important” brilliance has accomplished.

“playing with their minds gives me such a pleasure”

The Gods are angry

May 21, 2010

For those of us who believe in the Icelandic/Nordic folklore, it’s spirits and entities the folklore represents, Týr, the protector of justice, laws, and courts, has appeared on the burning mountain and he portrays our congruent anger.

Anger is good, but laughter is even better. I think it was Michael Palin who said that laughter was much undervalued political weapon.

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just what the financial oligarchy wants.
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Stripping national assets

May 17, 2010

First the fish stocks, then the banks, now the natural energy resources. These are the actual accomplishments of our business people and their political servants. In the days up to elections, political parties claim to have public welfare as their highest priority. For the rest of the time theft and financial terrorism is the norm.

This happens when the Left-freaking-Greens and Social Democrats are in power, and some say that this is a part of the IMF’s deal with the government, which of course is not available to the public.

We need a national referendum to stop this insanity.

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Can’t Top That, and Then They Do

May 11, 2010

After all this time and endless stream of unbelievable news of bankers fraud we are told, that even after the fall, “they” stole the rescue-package (the best part of the Central-banks reserves) and transferred the moneys to tax-havens (Luxembourg and British-Virgin Islands).

Now, the news read “engaged in a sweeping conspiracy”, obviously not to the liking of the “conspiracy phobics“.

Global Illicit Financial Structures:

  • Tax havens
  • Secrecy jurisdictions
  • Disguised corporations
  • Redomiciliation provisions
  • Anonymous trust accounts
  • Fake foundations
  • Falsified pricing
  • Money laundering techniques

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The Whore of Babylon

May 6, 2010

After hours of listening to the audio-version of “The Report”, I’m struck by how apparently easy it is to corrupt people. However, first “they” (we do not refer to them as criminals) needed to buy a Bank (with the banks own money) to become fit and proper Bankers, and then they “enticed” the: President, Government, “our” representatives, civil servants, lawyers, accountants, auditors, academics, journalists, public relations people, artists, do-gooders, and school children. If I have left anyone out I apologize.

Sorry, I forgot about (us) programmers, using supercomputers for High Frequency Trading, bankrupting not only one measly country but taking down economic unions, for thirty pieces of silver.

Krishnamurti is quoted to have said, – It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

William K. Black

May 3, 2010


The “F” Business Plan: Mathematically Proven Formula to enrich CEO’s and impoverish everyone else.

1. Grow like crazy
2. Bad loans – high yields
3. Extraordinary leverage
4. No meaningful loss reserves

Never “Fuzzy” & No “Boundaries”: The Best Way to Rob an Icelandic Bank Was to Own One

Holding Abusive and Fraudulent Elites and Enablers Accountable