A Letter to the Editor

We are told that this letter did not find its way onto the editorial pages of the once largest newspaper in this country.

Preventing Google translate to start many and deadly wars as did the Babel fish, I have patched-up some of the more insulting passages to the text here.

This will have to suffice until I find a proper translation.

In my not so humble opinion (IMNSHO) I think this letter gives a better glimpse of the situation in my land than many a book written to perception manage the subject.

I myself (with all my respect for television intact) do not believe that the use of the Anti Terrorist Act (Oct. 9) was anything other than U K’s response to the Icelandic governments own Emergency Banking Act (no. 125 7. October 2008). Two governments protecting it’s people (i.e their respective plutocracies) – only unfettered history will tell.

How the men behind Iceland crisis are still calling the shots By Archie Bland


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