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A new home on the web

August 19, 2009

I have had to give up my beloved spot at Dreamhost because of the economic meltdown in my country. WordPress will fill the gaping void nicely.


Bold Riders or corporate swindlers, their bankers and politicians.

August 19, 2009

We have been living a nightmare, almost every day after the rapture, new information of fraud and financial misconduct has surfaced that is just unbelievable. After months of horrors, people are blocking their senses just to survive. From all of this the question arises, – is bankrupting a nation a crime or just a minor mishap?

The old formula of privatizing profits and nationalizing costs and losses is right at work. So ingrained is this ‘tradition’ that the nation is going to pay for bankers that went plundering around the world, committing criminal acts the people knew nothing about and were never consulted for, – not to speak of gains and profits (just the usual contempt). And how are we going to pay? – Out of lost moms and papas businesses, out of lost savings and pensions, lost homes, lowered salaries, increased prices and taxes and with our unemployment benefits? – You won’t get any prices for spotting the obvious alternative.

The untouchables strut around the world continuing their luxurious life stiles, taking up residencies in tax havens, where their kind is welcomed, out of reach of justice, – which in it self has lost all meaning.

What have the juristic and police authorities been doing about the scam and sleaze at the top? Investigating? Star advocates are seeing opportunities ahead defending the business bosses, advertising their services by vilifying their potential counterparts and I suppose judges are preparing the usual no verdict to their own upper echelons, nothing else is to be expected, after all the bosses have been writing their own laws for decades. Yes fighting the good fight against lower class crime continues unabated, police tirelessly go around greenhouses cutting ‘grass’, chasing children out of derelict houses they try to occupy, arresting drunks for peeing in the sea, etc. – What glory.

So is nothing of this current crisis our own fault? Yes of course, we bought into massive propaganda and public manipulation, into “sound” economic doctrines (junk science) taught in schools and academia, or in short a cult asserting that we were living in ideal conditions, actually the best of all worlds. Now that our social contract has been broken it will take much to convince us that things will ever be even tolerable.

New Government, new Governors in the Central Bank, new Governor at the Financial Supervisory Authority (already in place), even a new Constitutional Assembly (promised by some) will not do it. Swift Justice over the architects of this system, over the financiers the thirty men and three woman who are said to be responsible for the collapse of the country and their political cronies – just might.

However, swift is already very, very late, the shredders have long since gone quiet, – the Nazgûls of our world are recuperating.

Thankfully we are not alone, many countries if not all, have lived or are living under the same conditions. The Swindler’s List is endless, but the colossal propaganda on the behalf of the “Dark” (sorry) “Bold Riders” only doing much needed and proper business is faulting. Many people have thought long and hard about why we are here in the middle of an utterly unnecessary crisis, they have come here, shared their experience, their knowledge, and much valued expertise.

– Thanks to you all.

Nemesis on visit

August 19, 2009

The Icelandic nation is thunderstruck. The much acclaimed experiment in neocon-free-market-capitalist -governance has collapsed. People in this long-standing parliamentary democracy are now asking; Who knew? Who was informed? Who gave the permission for this to go on to its inevitable conclusion?

I for one would want to ask every single member of parliament these two questions.

  1. Did you know that Private Corporations where operating abroad backed by state guaranties?

  2. Did you ever inform your electorate of this fact? *

The only information I’ve got is that these are the rules of the EU and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). – Which justifies it?

It seams to me that we as a nation have lost our reputation much like a rape victim, that “we the people” have been led into debt slavery for generations to come, and finally, to sweeten the blow will be the first ‘developed’ nation in years, having to ask the IMF for ‘help’.

Is this a prime example: of shock doctrine and disaster capitalism, of corrupt politicians in bed with corporations, of idiot ideologues, of marginalized public, or are the answers to be found in the sacred texts of the Chicago School of Economics (…which of course were not followed to the Marxist letter)?

If you are living in a privileged country like we were, maybe it’s time to come out of the hypnotic trance so lovingly catered for by the mass media. – After all, the bursting of the ‘fractional reserve’ and/or derivative bubble’s is waiting for all of us.

* Deep (legal) Thought is already hard at work disputing the nature of reality in general and of facts in particular.